Menghapus Virus Shortcut (.lnk)

It's also long enough I do not wrestle with the virus, because many friends are annoyed with the virus again this trend Shortcut, then I will try to discuss a little about this virus.
The virus was first shortcuts I found on some computers and flash friends this virus belonging to the virus group. Vbs. The virus does not actually belong Shortcut dangerous virus, but a little inconvenient. Because a lot of shortcuts from the original files be made and will result in a heavy computer work. This virus makes some files such as: autorun.inf, dekstop.ini, fanny.bmp, Thumb.db, as well as shortcut files that berextensi. Lnk on every drive and folder. more and more folders in your computer, it will be more and more also the shortcuts that are created by this virus.
This virus spreads through the flash, to the caller of this virus is used autorun.inf and the file *. lnk (shortcut). Facebook friends are not aware of it, then the folder will dihidden file system. For more details, see the picture.
Virus shortcut
The characteristics of the original files and folders:

* Folder not found an arrow on its icon and its type is a folder
* The file has the full name of the original Thumbs Thumbs.db
The characteristics of files and folders artificial fake virus:

* Folder to have the arrow on its icon and typenya is the Shortcut
* Thumbs Files created by the virus called "Thumb.db"
Here's a short step to remove Virus Shortcut or or commonly known as Virus Yuyun:
  1. Download Anti Virus Shortcut Remover disini..
2. Turn off System Restore on all drives (how: My Computer - Properties - System Restore - check settings  on the "Turn off System Restore on All Drives'.)3.  Restart the computer and run Virus Remover has been downloaded above and follow the command as shown below:
  1. Virus Shortcut remover Menghapus Virus Shortcut
2. Next do a scan now command.
3. After all finished in the scans, restart the computer. Done.
If you feel Repot with the above, just use SmadAV 8.3 to delete it:)

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